Ruby on Rails, full stack web developer, startup-maven, creative thinker.

I'm a full-stack web developer with a background in startup business development and creative production. My primary tools include Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, jQuery, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Backbone.js, HTML5, CSS3, Mobile Responsive Design, Bootstrap, Foundation and other programming languages and frameworks. I studied web development at General Assembly's Web Development Immersive program, an intensive full-time instruction course in front and back-end development and agile methodologies. I am ever eagerly learning and developing cutting edge technologies.


"Althea Science was founded in 2010 to provide Web App services to reproductive specialists involved in human reproduction. Our goal is to assist efficiency, effectiveness, and reporting capabilities, with consideration to the differences in international standards. IVFqc is a very simple solution to providing a method of recording and testing activities for assisted reproductive technology clinics. "

Acustom Apparel

"Acustom Apparel is a revolutionary new way to build your wardrobe. Using our digital measuring technologies, we gather 200,000 data points to create your 3D body model. These measurements (along with your fit preferences) are fed into our proprietary Digital Bespoke algorithms to create clothing from shirts and jeans to suits and blazers."



A game app developed to help teach the fundamentals of computer coding and music theory to young students in the 8-10 year old range. Learn.R is a fun way to introduce these concepts to developing young minds.

Users can create an account, play games in each category and score points for each level completed. The coding section was inspired by Karel, a simple programming language used in Stanford CS106, taught at Stanford University.


GoFest is a simple way for music fans to find events in their local area for artists they follow on Soundcloud or Facebook. Users are able to search all upcoming events by location, artists, music genre, dates etc.

In order to make good use of this app, users are encouraged to follow artists they like using a valid (free) Soundcloud account that logs into GoFest, which uses Lastfm API for the event data. While perusing events, a random song from a followed artists loads into a music player. This app is currently in development for a commercial start-up.


Inspired by the hard-to-find underground DJ music found on Resident Advisor, an international online DJ culture guide, CloudPlaylist.R builds playlists based on the Monthly Top 50 DJ Charts

The lists are generated automatically each month using Nokogiri to scrape the data and Soundcloud API to build the playlists. For those who love underground music, this app makes it easy to find the latest cuts tested by highly respected artists.

Two APIs, One Form

This app was a pair programming project for WDI, and was conceived and developed in a couple of hours. We purposely made a retro throw-back look to match the name, as it only does two things.

As the name would imply, it uses two APIs and takes the name of a music artist as the input. Then it pulls a random GIF from based on the keyword search and renders it in full page mode. Lastly, a random song by the artist is pulled from Soundcloud, and renders playing in the background. Simple, hours and hours of fun!

Prior to development, I worked as a producer and audio engineer.

My work has been released commercially on iTunes and numerous digital online outlets including Beatport, Amazon, and Tracksource. Many of my works have been licensed for use in film, television, and commercials. Selections of my music can be heard at Soundcloud

Towards the beginning of my music career, I lived in Germany for a year, where I honed my production skills producing a full length album. Prior to that I did I.T. work in the travel industry writing script programs, managing databases, and quality control systems. I occasionally still make music on the side mostly for enjoyment. My other main hobby is tennis. I play whenever I can, and even string my own racquets. I find writing code to be similar to music production, incorporation creativity, concentration, and great attention to detail.

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